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Question 1

What female legendary player won tennis´ Grand Slam in 1970?

Margaret Court
Chris Evert
Billie Jean King
Rene Richards

Question 2

What legendary pro with long locks was locked up in the closet by his father after abusing his racket?

Guiullermo Vilas
Jimmy Connors
Bjorn Borg
John McEnroe
It totally changed the way he handled pressure.

Question 3

What tennis legend did Pete Sampras watch repeatedly as a young player, and idolize?

Arthur Ashe
Rod Laver
Ken Rosewall
Jose Luis Clerc
As a boy, Pete wanted to match (and has now surpassed) Rod´s and Roy Emerson´s Grand Slam records...

Question 4

Who was the first Black American to win an international tennis tournament?

Arthur Ashe
Althea Gibson
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Althea Gibson was the first African American to Win both the US and the Wimbledon Titles and also the first to play Wightman Cup.

Question 5

Who founded the Davis Cup?

Dwight Davis
Dwight David Eisenhower
Davis Cup
Holcombe Ward and Dwight Davis

Question 6

What 4 countries are represented by tennis´ Grand Slams?

France, Germany, Italy, South Africa
France, Canada, New Zealand, Zimbabwe
France, USA, England, Australia
Germany, USA, Sweden, Canada

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