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Question 1

What touring pro loves the swinging volley?

Pete Sampras
Venus Williams
Sandrine Testud
Lisa Raymond
Venus has made this diffucult, low percentage shot for most of us look relatively easy!

Question 2

Who is currently considered the fastest player on the tour?

Andre Agassi
Sebastian Grosjean
Lleyton Hewitt
Andy Roddick
This, according to the players that play against him. But, if you´ve ever seen Grosjean play, he moves like a rabbit as well!

Question 3

Who popularized the open stance forehand topspin?

Guillermo Vilas
Gabriela Sabatini
Carlos Moya
Bjorn Borg
Without a doubt, Borg was the most unorthodox , and incredibly successful player of his time. He revolutionized the way the ball is hit, and now, there´s hardly a touring pro that doesn´t hit an open stance forehand!

Question 4

Who was the master of the net in his era?

Rod Laver
Rod Serling
John McEnroe
Stan Smith
Johnny Mac may have been hard to listen to, but his magical touch at the net kept fans in awe of his amazing reflexes and touch. He is truly the last of the "volley artists."

Question 5

Who gets the most power from the least size?

Sebastian Grosjean
Justine Henin
Wally Masur
Lleyton Hewitt
Watch Justine Henin in action, and you´ll agree. She generates tremendous power for someone of her size. Her balance, timing, and instinct are simply incredible. She may very well have the best one-handed backhand currently in the women´s game.

Question 6

Which pro male player has the best touch for his size?

Marat Safin
Todd Martin
Peter Fleming
James Blake
Watch 6´6" Todd Martin play, and you´ll see that for a very big man, he has great touch and placement on all his strokes! Power isn´t everything!

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