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Question 1

What European touring pro is being thought of as the "new Pete Sampras"

Marat Safin
Sebastian Grosjean
Roger Federer
Arnaud Clement
Federer won the German Open 2002, and has styled his game around Pete Sampras´. With a big serve, powerful groundstrokes, and very deft touch at the net, look for Federer to dominate men´s tennis soon!

Question 2

What is Andy Roddick´s passion besides tennis?

Learning French for the French Open
Andy recently commented that he loves his "tunes."

Question 3

Who is Lleyton Hewitt´s current girlfriend

Serena Williams
Justin Henin
Kim Clijsters
Monica Seles
They are often seen supporting each other at their matches.

Question 4

What do Venus and Serena "study" off court?

Aerospace Engineering
Fashion Design
Many of the clothes you see are designed by them!

Question 5

What tennis player made a miracle comeback?

Monica Seles
Jennifer Capriati
Steffi Graf
Martina Hingis
Many would argue that Seles did, but the accomplishments of the past 1 1/2 years of Capriati are unmatched in modern tennis. She has seen a true "renaissance" in her game, and now has the maturity to enjoy and appreciate her accomplishments.

Question 6

What player may have to retire at a young age because of alleged faulty footwear?

Justine Henin
Jan-Michael Gambill
Barbara Schett
Martina Hingis
Hingis is suffering from an arthritic condition, allegedly caused by a faulty design in the shoe. Team Hingis is suing the company for millions, but that money will not relieve the condition, unfortunately.

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