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Question 1

Where did the name Love orginate from when referring to 0 score in a tennis game??

King Henry VIII
John McEnroe
Believe it or not, Les Oeufs!! (Eggs) The French, who were passionate players when the game first began to take "formal" shape, began to call "L´Oeuf" (egg) for 0, since the egg, oval shaped, is similar in shape to the number 0! When the English Anglicized the word, it came out LOVE!! Sorry, I can´t help with the 15, 30, 40, game scoring...perhaps bored mathemeticians who played tennis??

Question 2

You lose the point when you touch the net during the point.

Anytime you touch the net during the point, you lose the point instantly!

Question 3

The receiver of the serve can stand anywhere they wish upon return, provided they don´t return the ball before it bounces on their side.


Question 4

The French Open is played on this surface

Red Clay
Hard red surface
Artificial Red Clay
The French won´t admit it, but their court surface is not bona fide clay, but crushed brick.

Question 5

The partner of the server in doubles must stay at the net for the server´s serve.

The partner of the server can stand whereever he or she pleases.

Question 6

Wimbledon is played in the town named after it, in England


Question 7

The oldest professional tournament still conducted in the United States is the U.S. Open


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