October 10, 2003, Newsletter Issue #91: Super Food

Tip of the Week

Get a Rush – The Better Whey

Endorphins – or opiate proteins as they’re sometimes called – make you feel good. Now a super food is thought to boost your mood and your performance without the sugar overload.

We`ve all heard our mothers say, "Drink your milk. It`s good for you." But what mom didn`t know is that way down deep, after all the negative carbohydrates, fat and unwanted proteins are filtered out, concentrated whey protein powder remains – an endorphin-stimulating super food that`s good beyond compare.

A naturally occurring substance found in eggs, meat, and milk, endorphin proteins stimulate a host of endorphin, or hormonal, responses in our bodies, impacting everything from muscle growth to fat metabolism to how good we feel throughout our busy, stress-filled days.

"They`re often called opiate proteins because of the sense of pleasure they can give and the reduction of pain or anxiety," says Chuck Sackler, President and General Manager of Nu-Life Nutrition, the company considered to be today`s Microsoft of dual isolated whey technology. "Just eat a piece of chocolate," he laughs. "It might only give you a temporary rush when you`re feeling down or stressed, but once you eat it the endorphins that are released not only make you feel sated, but better."

But downing too many "feel good" pleasures like these has weighty consequences, says Sackler.

"When we eat too much chocolate or other refined carbohydrates, that triggers this overload of insulin to be released in the body. That`s what causes us to gain weight and get diseases down the road such as diabetes and heart disease," he explains.

But, as Sackler adds, "I think that`s why this dual isolate whey protein we`ve created with our Matrix 4 technology is so hot right now. It comes from milk so it won`t harm you. It stimulates the release of "feel good" endorphins – improving everything from sexual hormone release, boosting the immune system, regulating pain, controlling appetite and building muscle. But it triggers all these positive, anti-aging endorphin reactions while ensuring insulin efficiency. That`s the key and that`s why it`s become so popular as a body building nutritional supplement and as a safe fat loss aid."

Cost efficiency, too, says Sackler, is another plus to using whey protein powder as a nutritional alternative.

"A person may pay for a month`s supply of powder," he explains. "But one serving of whey protein concentrate has the same value as chicken protein and at half the cost."

Also, compared to the multitude of meal supplement bars on the market (many using glycerin as a carbohydrate), whey powder mixed with water, says Sackler, delivers the best quality of protein without flooding the body with any additional, insulin-stimulating sugars.

"Of course, you don`t want to take so much in that it makes your liver or kidneys work too hard," says Sackler, who recommends consuming the powder at a level appropriate to body weight. For example, 50g of whey protein per day for the average adult, and 6g for the average sized child.

But whether it’s used as fat-fighting, pre-workout fuel, a late-morning or mid-afternoon snack to boost energy or as a pre-bedtime snack to stimulate the growth hormone process and ensure a better quality of sleep, adults and children can both benefit from whey powder`s endorphin proteins according to Sackler.

"People need to realize we`re all body-building, just by getting through this life," he says, adding that results such as improved mood, better muscle tone and fat loss can be seen with whey protein use in just one to two weeks. "If you can use a safe, high-quality food like this to help you do that, why wouldn`t you?"

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