June 20, 2003, Newsletter Issue #75: Tennis Etiquette in a Nutshell

Tip of the Week

Many of you have been writing me about proper tennis etiquette...well, without further adue, here is a common sense top 16 list for good tennis etiquette.

Understand and apply them, and enjoy the game of a lifetime for a lifetime!

Courtesy of "The Tennis Playerīs Bible"

1. Avoid entering someone elseīs court while play is in progress. Wait until the point is over, then "dash" over to your court.

2. Once youīve warmed up, avoid F.B.I., which is FIRST BALL IN. This is like taking mulligans in golf..it is definitely not good etiquette. Instead, warm up your serve adequately for both the deuce and ad sides. Ask your opponent if you can warm up your returns as well...

3. Once play begins, GIVE YOUR OPPONENT THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT ON ALL CALLS. This is especially true when there is no linesman, or roving umpire. This is the height of good sportsmanship. For more information on this, check out www.tennis.com, and check under "rules" and "the code."

4. Avoid getting angry either at yourself or your opponent.

5. Treat your opponent with courtesy. Accept defeat graciously. Be a humble victor.

6. In between points, send the server the ball directly. Donīt make him chase it.

7. When the ball lands on your court from an adjoining court, stop play immediately and play a "let." (Repeat the point) Return the ball promptly and pleasantly.

8. Never enter someone elseīs court while play is in progress.

9. Be certain the receiver is ready before serving.

10. Donīt question or protest opponentīs call either by speech or manner.

11. Relinquish the court when due. Observe all court rules.

12. Make calls of "let" or "out" INSTANTLY.

13. Do not enlist the aid of spectators.

14. You may move your body at all times, but do not wave racket or arms or otherwise attempt to distract the opponent. Thatīs just bad form...

15. If no agreement can be reached to a dispute, toss racket or coin.

16. Provide your fair share of new balls.

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