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What does it mean to be at love?


In tennis scoring love means nothing, hence love-thirty is 0-30. A common (but unproven) explanation for the term "love" to signify a score of zero is that it originates from the French term "l'oeuf." Another explanation is based on the idea that to do something for love is to do something for nothing (zero).



6/30/2007 11:25:01 AM
mav said:

scoring is based on a clock's face, hence 15/30/45/game (60)

8/17/2007 12:40:06 PM
johnny said:

very interesting, and enlightening, true love I suspect is really something for nothing.

8/30/2007 12:40:34 AM
ANA said:

thats a great thing i didn t know about tennis!!!

1/1/2009 8:36:46 PM
bill said:

they say it on wii and i had no idea what in the world it meant


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