Outfit yourself with outfits

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Why should you have more than one tennis outfit?

Outfit yourself with outfits

Clay, HARD-TRU and grass are great surfaces to play on. They are easy on your knees and feet. Plus, they can really do wonders for your drop shot. However, the one negative is they do a number on tennis clothes. One dive on red clay and your pristine men's or women's tennis outfit has met its match. Obviously, you should expect to get down and dirty when you play. Though, if you are playing everyday you might want to have more than one tshirt, skirt or shorts. Also, if the place you play at a place that doesn't require tennis whites you might want to think of another color to wear. Clay, HARD-TRU and grass are pretty hard to get out of plain white clothes. Tennis clothes makers like Adidas, Wilson or Prince are good places to start.



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