Interrupting Momentum

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What does pretending you have a broken tennis string do for you in a match?

Interrupting Momentum

On an important point if they miss the first serve pretend you have broken a tennis string and walk over to change racquets. When you return the momentum is lost for their second serve and they have no right to ask for two serves.



2/8/2007 1:38:48 PM
Doug said:

While this may be legal, it certainly isn't in the spirit of the game. While I appreciate the importance of the "inner game" of tennis, I am profoundly against trickery or deception to try to win.

10/23/2007 2:17:30 PM
Ben said:

This is one of those unwritten rules of tennis. Any interuption in play, especially by you, should be grounds for playing a let (2 serves). This is where etiquette comes into play. What should you do, rather than what can you get away with. Beat someone with your tennis, not your trickery.

1/16/2009 10:04:54 AM
sampras said:

Definitely against the spirit of the game. Shame on you for suggesting this

7/21/2009 3:36:05 PM
Pat said:

If you have to beat someone by doing that, then you dont deserve to win, its a second serve, take advantage of that, and continue play. I know if someone did that to me I would kick my serve so high the ball would hit them in the face.

9/6/2009 2:24:26 AM
Joe said:

Any significant delay between serves that is outside the server's control entitles the server to two serves. USTA Rule 21 (see comment 21.7).

In any case, this bad sportsmanship. Pretty stupid, too. Especially if the serve is unreturnable. "Opps, I broke a string swinging at the serve you put in the bottom of net." Don't be a jerk.

10/9/2009 6:05:12 AM
iain said:

Yes I agree with Doug. This tip is essentially cheating. Is the next tip to suggest cheating on line calls also?

7/8/2011 8:50:36 PM
Jim said:

This tip is WRONG - the server DOES have the right to a first serve since the returner interrupted play. If the SERVER had broken a string on a missed first serve, he would only be entitled to a second serve.

2/20/2012 9:42:19 AM
Tyler said:

This is actually generally against the rules in most competitions. If there is any interruption between the servers first and second serves, they are entitled to retake a first serve. For example, if a stray ball enters your court after a first serve fault and you return the ball to the appropriate court, the server is entitled to retake a first serve.
Also, using this, if your string is found to be not broken (if it happens on an important point in the semifinal then you go to do it again in the final, so the opponent checks your racquet) then you should be assessed a point penalty (thus losing that important point instead of having the advantage by getting to return a second serve).


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