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What are tennis court accessories?

What's Your Secret Weapon

Do you have a secret weapon in your bag? Do you have a favorite wilson tennis accessory that brings you luck? Maybe it's your lucky Cubs hat, or your purple sweatbands or your prince tennis balls. Whatever it is, have something in your bag that gives you that "slight edge" over your opponent, be it mental or physical!

What is a string dampener?


Ever seen Agassi's "string dampener?" It's a rubber band! A simple and effective tennis accessory that helps him achieve a higher level of play. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is placed on the bottom center position of the strings, so that when you contact the ball, it "dampens" the vibration of the racket!

What are some cool and important tennis accessories?

Protect Your Head

A hat with a visor is one of the most important tennis accessories you can have in your wilson tennis bags. It will improve your game by keeping the sun and perspiration out of your eyes. If a hat makes you too hot, consider a headband or scarf to deal with the perspiration. In addition, wristbands will help keep your hands dry to maintain a good grip on your racquet. Sunglasses and sunscreen are important, too. Plus, there are unobtrusive ball caddies you can wear on your back to carry an extra ball when you don't have a pocket.

Why is sunscreen an important tennis accessory?

Slather on that Sunscreen

Ever gotten burned by the sun? That's just the sun's way of warning you to slather on that 'screen! Get 30 block, and put it on repeatedly, particularly on your ears, and on the sides of your face, where the skin is thin. Could there be a more important tennis accessory then sunscreen? Don't forget the added protection of a hat or visor. Now, go hit some balls!

Why are sunglasses and important tennis accessory?

Why Tennis Sunglasses?

Many players do not like wearing tennis sunglasses while playing. If you play frequently outdoors, it is very important to have proper sunglasses to protect your eyes. The reflection off the court can be just as damaging as the direct sunlight. Try wraparounds that are light, and also protect you from the sun's ultra violet rays. Sunglasses are one of the best tennis accessories in which you can invest. Several manufacturers specifically design for sports, so check out all of your options and protect your eyes!

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