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What are new tennis apparel innovations?

The new tech of sweat:

They can invent a carpet that protects itself from grape juice setting in. Why can't they do the same for sweat soaking clothes? Actually, companies like Nike have already started toying with a new type of material technology. They appropriately named it Dri Fit. This revolutionary material has been used to make an entire tennis apparel line (shorts, shirt, tanks, etc). It's benifts are that it's lightweight for easy movement. And of course, it is incredible at repeling sweat. Preventing the need for a change while changing sides.

What is women's tennis apparel?

Women's Apparel

In addition to shorts and shirts, women's tennis apparel also includes clothes like women's tennis skirts and dresses (designed specifically for playing tennis.) Sports bras and tennis panties, or bloomers, are also available. Again, loose-fitting garments will keep you the most comfortable.

What should tennis apparel be light colored?


Light-colored tennis apparel is recommended by many because it reflects rather than absorbs sunlight, helping to keep you cool on hot days. Not only that, but many tennis clubs require that you wear white clothing.

What type of clothes should you wear to a tennis club?

Tennis Whites

Getting ready to play tennis at your friend's club. You might want to rethink your wardrobe. Some of the more affluent clubs might actually have a code of dress for playing tennis on their grounds. These clubs would prefer you wear tennis clothes like white shirts with collars. And white shorts (not jean or cut off in nature .) If you are looking for stylish tennis whites try Nike tennis clothes.

Why should you have more than one tennis outfit?

Outfit yourself with outfits

Clay, HARD-TRU and grass are great surfaces to play on. They are easy on your knees and feet. Plus, they can really do wonders for your drop shot. However, the one negative is they do a number on tennis clothes. One dive on red clay and your pristine men's or women's tennis outfit has met its match. Obviously, you should expect to get down and dirty when you play. Though, if you are playing everyday you might want to have more than one tshirt, skirt or shorts. Also, if the place you play at a place that doesn't require tennis whites you might want to think of another color to wear. Clay, HARD-TRU and grass are pretty hard to get out of plain white clothes. Tennis clothes makers like Adidas, Wilson or Prince are good places to start.

What sun precautions should you take if you are playing in a tank top?

Sensible before Sleeveless

For those scorching hot days on the court nothing keeps you cooler than tennis clothes a tank top and a muscle shirt. Just beware of the sun. A good two hours of match time can do a real number on your shoulders. So before you hit the courts, hit the drugstore for some sun block. You might also want to throw on a hat as well.

Where can you find discount tennis clothes?

Net name brands for less

Looking for the top tennis clothes like shirts, shorts, skirts and even tennis underwear, you don't have to pay top dollar for? Try shopping on the net. There are all kinds of discount tennis outfit sites that offer the top brands like Nike, Adidas, Head and Wilson. Though, the one negative about buying things online is you can't try anything on. However, there is one easy way to eliminate this problem. Go to a store first. Try on the outfit you want. If It fits take down the information and look for it on the net. Easy.

What makes the perfect tennis clothes for children?

Don't kid around with clothes

To you, kids might look all cute and precious when they wear a suit or that little dress. However, they most likely don't feel the same way. They are all about comfort and ease when it comes to their play clothes. So for child tennis clothes you might want to think the same way. Not the proper button down shirts or lady skirts. Think shorts with elastic bands. Baggy Tshirts. Make tennis fun for them in every aspect. Also, don't spend a lot of money on fancy kids tennis outfits. Chances are they'll ruin them before you can say game, set & match.

What type of material is most tennis apparel made out of?


Tennis apparel is made from materials like polyester microfibers, cotton, or a blend. Microfibers and blends are designed to wick perspiration from your body and dry quickly. Plus, today's microfiber fabrics have a luxurious look and feel. Cotton is comfortable on the skin, but retains moisture and can take a long time to dry. This could be a particular problem on cool days when wet clothes could make you cold.

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