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How do tennis resorts cater to kids interested in junior tennis?

Tennis is a family affair

A lot of tennis resorts now cater to the entire family. This means not only do they have all the adult tennis amenities, they also offer a junior tennis camp for the kids. This way the adults can enjoy tennis with people their own age & level. Plus, they don't have to worry about their kids being bored. Usually, the camps offered by resorts are group lesson sessions run by the resort tennis pro and their staff. So not only does the child build their tennis skills, they also get to play with kids their own age and make friends.

What are options a junior player can use to gain experience before turning pro?

College vs. Junior

The NCAA isn't just about hoops and bowls. It also runs the college tennis circuit. College tennis is more about the team rather than the individual achievements like you'd find with the ITF or USTA. True, the matches still consist of singles & doubles. Though, at the end of a college meet all of the scores of matches count towards the entire teams record. There's always some junior international tennis player with a ton of talent that will turn pro without needing going to college. However, a lot of players opt for college because they feel it's a great way to help them mature on and off the court before they enter the pro circuit. Though, the other option is junior players can also get some education & experience at a year round junior tennis camp that also offers schooling.

What are the benefits of a junior tennis racket?

Building A Junior Tennis Swing: The Junior Tennis Racket

Today, tennis rackets come in all shapes and sizes to match an adult's style of play or physical characteristics. Junior tennis rackets are no different. They have racket sizes that match up with a child's height. They have different racket head sizes depending on their skill level. They even have a variety of grip sizes. All of these options are helpful for every stage of a child's game development. If you are sending a child to a junior tennis camp it's probably best that they have two or more tennis rackets. Accidents do happen.

What are some junior tennis competition options?

Ranking rundown

The USTA offers all kinds of options to kids who are interested in competing in junior tennis. Aside from national or world tournaments kids can play in tournaments in their region. Based on how they do in these regional tournaments they will be ranked accordingly (ex. 3rd in the east, 5th in the west.) These rankings are also broken out into age groups like the 16s , the 14s, the 12s, etc. If a child excels in their region they can then move on to national or junior international tennis.

What is itf junior tennis?

Junior Tennis Joins countries

The international Tennis Federation (ITF) is the global version of the USTA (United states Tennis Association). It's an organization that represents the sport of tennis throughout the world. Aside from the pros, the ITF also has a senior and junior branch. ITF junior tennis sanctions tournaments where kids can compete in the international arena. They also provide world junior tennis rankings. A world junior tennis ranking is tabulated using a similar point system that are used for the pros.

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