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What is tennis elbow?

The racket about tennis elbow

Sometimes too much tennis can be a bad thing. Injuries can occur. One of the top injuries is known as tennis elbow. This is basically a strain on the arm that causes pain around the elbow. To fight this affliction tennis celebrities have state of the art therapy equipment and doctors at their disposal. However, the most basic remedy deals with your main piece of tennis equipment – the racket. Sometimes if it is designed to be too long, too light weight, or too stiff it could cause problems. The best thing to do is switch rackets. Though, before you run out and plunk down $200 do some research. Look in magazines. Surf the net. Talk to a doctor.

What do you need drag brooms and line sweepers for?

Caring for clay

Two must-have pieces of tennis equipment you need for clay and HARD-TRU maintenance are drag brooms and line sweepers. A drag broom is basically a large broom that neatens up the court after it's been played on. To sweep the court you need to drag it back and fourth. Hence the name. A line sweeper is a device that removes the clay or HARD-TRU from the boundary lines after it has been swept.

What is the best way to maintain grass, clay and HARD-TRU tennis courts?

Water works

When it comes to maintaining grass, clay and HARD-TRU tennis courts they all need one thing to keep 'em in tip-top shape...Water. Without a daily supply of H2O the court grass will dry up. Clay and HARD-TRU will become too dusty to play on. When it rains a lot you won't need to water. Though, on hot, non rainy days it's best to water courts at least once a day. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to install a not so obvious piece of tennis equioment known as a sprinkler. Make sure this sprinkler system surrounds the entire court.

What is a regulation size tennis net?

Net Takeaway

A regulation tennis net is 3'3” (991mm) high. Length-wise it ranges from 33 to 42 feet. This is dependent on if you are playing singles or doubles. This piece of tennis equipment is primarily constructed from weather resistant synthetic netting. The net cost for nets are usually falls between $150 - $400. Just remember the cost of the net rarely includes the poles that hold it up.

What does the ball machine do?

Have a Ball Machine

A ball machine is a useful piece of tennis equipment. Its main feature is being able to shoots balls to the other side of the court so you can play by yourself. Some of these tennis machines actually can rotate their shot so balls can go all over the court, to give you a real workout. A ball machine is perfect for practicing shots over and over again.

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