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How do you decrease the size of the sweetspot?

High Tension Not as Sweet

Basically, higher tensions decrease the size of the sweetspot and reduce the power (thus increasing control a bit). The higher the tension, the more boardlike the feel. Some people like this. Desired tension is pretty much a matter of personal taste, and as you improve the level of your game, you are apt to notice small fluctuations in tennis string racquet tensions.

What tennis string tension should be used for players with powerful swings?

The Tension of Your Racquet String

If you are a player with a full and powerful swing, make sure that you have your racquet tension strung as tight as the manufacturer's recommendations suggest. Conversely, if you have a medium to short swing, without a lot of racquet speed, then you may wish to have the racquet strung with less tension. Tighter tennis racket string tension = control / Looser tension=power

What are tennis shock absorbers?

Shock Absorbers

You can take some of the shock out of your racket. To avoid vibrations try using a shock absorber on the tennis strings.

What do higher tennis racket string tensions do?

Higher String Tensions

Higher tennis racket string tensions generate more ball control (for experienced players).

When should you restring your racket?


Restringing throughout the year should occur as frequently as you play tennis each week, or at least once a year; for example, if you play tennis three times a week, you should restring your racket three times a year. If it's not every week pay a bit more for high quality tennis string for yor racquet. It will last longer.

Do decreased tennis string density generate more spin?

Fewer Strings

Decreased tennis string density (fewer strings) generates more spin.

What do textured tennis strings do?

Textured Strings

Textured tennis strings tend to produce more spin.

What are the gauges of tennis string thickness?

What Are String Gauges?

Tennis string gauges are simply the thickness of the string. There are many different brands, but generally 3 gauges, 15, 16, and 17. 15 gauge string is great for beginners, and is thicker and more durable. 17 gauge is a great performance string, is less durable, but allows for a better feel.

What does decreased tennis string density do?

String Density

Decreased tennis string density (fewer strings) generates more power.

What type of tennis string should widebody frames have?

Basic Facts

It is recommended by the USRSA that widebody frames use multifilament tennis strings (i.e. "soft" tennis strings) or gut to compensate for some of the stiff attributes hence better playability.

What tension for tennis string is recommended by the USRSA?

Strings For Widebody Frames

It is recommended by the USRSA to have the tennis string machine, string widebody frames at lower tension for better playability and to help keep tennis strings from breaking too soon.

What does longer tennis string length do?

Longer String Length

A longer tennis racket string length (or string plane area) produces more power.

How do thin tennis strings help?

More Spin

Thinner tennis strings tend to produce more spin by biting the ball more.

What tennis string is good for people who are new at the sport?

What Type of String?

If you're new to tennis, start with basic nylon tennis string, with a thicker gauge, like 15. As you improve, try out different brands of string, and thinner gauges, until you find the right type of string for you. Determining string tension is a little trickier. If you want control, tennis string it as tight as the manufacturer recommends. If you're looking for power, string it at the lowest end of the recommended tension.

What is a problem with softer tennis strings?

Softer Strings

Softer tennis strings, or strings with a softer coating, tend to vibrate less.

What are the types of tennis string thickness?

String Gauges (String Thicknesses)

Tennis racquet strings come in various thicknesses, called "gauges." You have 15, 15L, 16, 16L, and 17. Larger numbers mean thinner strings. "L" means light and can be thought of as half as size (so 15L can be considered 15 1/2). Thick strings have less resilience and feel than thin strings but last longer.

Do elastic tennis racket strings generate more power?

Elastic Strings

More elastic tennis racket strings generate more power (generally, what will produce more power will also absorb more shock load at impact).

Do lower tennis string tensions generate more power?

Lower String Tensions

Lower tennis string tensions generate more power (providing string movement does not occur).

What is the deal with solid core tennis strings?

Solid Core Strings

Solid core tennis racket strings are more durable than multifilament strings with kevlar string technology being the most durable.

What do looser tennis strings cause?

String Tension Effects

Tennis string towards the lower end of the recommended tension range for your racquet. A looser string face will absorb more of the ball's impact. A looser face will also add depth to shots without a full-powered swing.

What are Multifilament tennis strings?

Multifilament Strings

Multifilament strings are more elastic than solid core strings. Multifilament tennis strings play better than solid core strings. They do lose tension more quickly than strings with a center core.

Should tennis strings be more flexible?

What can I do to help reduce vibration?

Ask for tennis strings that are softer and more flexible and/or reduce your string tension or use vibration dampeners.

How does tennis string tension help or hurt your tennis game?

String tension

Remember that high tennis string tension provides less power and more control; and low string tension provides more ower and less control. To custom fit your racket with the ideal replacement string and tension, refer to the guide on the throat of the racket.

Do thinner tennis string generate more power?

More Power

Thinner tennis string generates more power (Wilson's research for their Sweetspot string disputes this theory).

Are gut tennis strings good?

Gut Strings

Gut tennis strings hold tension the best. Gut strings are the most fragile strings comparing to other similar gauged strings.

How do you determine which tennis string brands are right for you?

Your String's Performance

In order to determine your tennis string racquet performance, you need to try out a few different brands, and then determine the best type of string for your game. A knowledgeable racquet technician can assist you with what type of string is best for you, based on your style of play.

Does the type of tennis string make a difference?

Restringing Your Racquet

Tennis String does make a difference in the performance of your racquet. For example, if you play 3 times a week, you should restring your racquet about 3 times a year. Additionally, you need to determine what kind of string you prefer. Thicker string gauge gives control and longevity, while a thinner string gauge provides power, but tends to break more frequently.

Who should restring your racket?

Where can I restring my racket?

Proper stringing is very important to your racket's playability. Stringing should only be done by an experienced stringer, preferably a Certified Racket Technician (CRT). Plus, make sure they own a quality tennis string machine to prevent tennis stringing problems.

Are Kevlar tennis strings the least flexible?

Kevlar Strings

Kevlar tennis strings are the stiffest and least flexible. If this kind of play appeals to you, you can buy tennis rackets strung with it, or find replacement string online.

What are the problems with longer tennis strings?

Easiest To Break Strings

Longer tennis strings on a string bed move more hence break easier (see larger frames from above).

What does pretending you have a broken tennis string do for you in a match?

Interrupting Momentum

On an important point if they miss the first serve pretend you have broken a tennis string and walk over to change racquets. When you return the momentum is lost for their second serve and they have no right to ask for two serves.

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