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Why are tennis team jackets helpful?

Team jacket type:

Tennis team season hits mostly in the spring. Which of course is when rain also tends to hit. A lot of times drizzles will occur that aren't enough to call off the match, but could put a damper on your team's game as well as their tennis uniform.

One way to help is choosing tennis apparel like a light weight team jacket that's water resistant. Anything made of nylon would work best. It guards against rain, but is still light enough to play in. As far as design goes, a hood might also be a good call.

Why do you need warm-ups for tennis?

Warm up to the cold weather:

Unfortunately, team tennis isn't like a friendly match between friends. Unless it's a torrential downpour or a blizzard chances are your team captain won't cancel a meet. Playing in the cold is a possibility. For this reason, it's probably a good idea to throw a pair of tennis warm-ups in your tennis bag. Warm-ups are essentially sweat pants & a sweat jacket. Though, the main difference is they are designed to be lighter. So you can wear this type of tennis apparel even while you play. Warm ups are available in all kinds of materials like polyester, nylon or cotton.

Where can you find discount tennis apparel?

The net can net better costs:

Let's face it, no one is going to throw millions of dollars into any school team budget. Every penny counts. For this reason you might want to use the net instead of going to a local shop to order tennis uniforms. Internet sites tend to offer discount tennis apparel because they have a lower overhead. So you can get name brands like Wilson, Nike or Adidas tennis team uniforms. Also, since there are lots of shops on the net you'll have an easier time finding a deal. True, price is important. However, you should also make sure the company you choose has a good rep.

Why should tennis apparel be loose fitting?

Men's Apparel

Light, loose-fitting tennis apparel is best for playing tennis. When it comes to shorts, you might want to consider an elastic waistband or drawstrings over buttons and zippers. And keep in mind, many tennis teams require that you wear their uniforms.

Why do players need to wear the same tennis team unforms?

Match for your Matches:

Ok, players wearing the same tennis uniforms (like shirts) might not make too much of a difference compared to other sports. I mean, it's not like you are all on the court at once passing the ball to each other. However, there are some basic organizational advantages other than team spirit. Especially for the coach. Since school courts are sometimes used as public courts, regular people might be playing during match time. So, if the captain is doing a head count to see which matches are done all he/she has to do is look for the team shirts on and off the court. If you are in charge of choosing these shirts a light color is the best way to go. Dark colors absorb heat.

Why do you need to wash tennis team uniforms?

Be Wary Before they Wear

High school kids are not known to be the cleanest organisms on the planet. Top that with the fact that some team uniforms tend to be hand-me-downs and you have a recipe for micro-creepy crawlies to invade your child's body.

So before your child throws on that tennis team uniform you might want to throw it in the wash a couple of times for good measure. Add a little color safe bleach to be on the safe side. Also, remind your child to bring home their team uniform during the season for a wash. If not, chances are it'll sit in their locker all year long.

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