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What are some new tennis bag features?

Serving up new features

Tennis clothes and rackets are not the only ones to have feature makeovers. Tennis racket bags today are coming out with all kinds of design innovations. Some tennis bags now come with separate compartments to store shoes. Some have padded pockets for eyewear. Even the outside of the bag has improved. Most tennis bags are now designed with sturdier material to be more resistant to abrasion. Wilson tennis bags and Head tennis bags are two brands to look at for these types of features.

Where can you find used tennis bags?

Bagging a Deal

Obviously, you wouldn't want to buy tennis clothes someone else has worn. You also wouldn't want to buy a costly racket that was used just in case it broke. Tennis bags are a different story. Used tennis bags aren't very expensive, so even if it wasn't perfect you wouldn't be losing a huge investment. Plus, it's a bag. It's built to be sturdy. Not some delicate piece of electronic equipment that could get damaged in shipping.

So if you're looking for used equipment (like tennis bags) the best place to search is online for selection and ease. Ebay or amazon are probably good places to start for used tennis bags. Though, if you decide to go down this route make sure you spray the bag with some sorta disinfectant before placing any clothes inside.

Why do you need a tennis bag?

Keeping it together:

You got your racket. Got your change of clothes. Even tape for the grip. Now all you need is to get everything to the match. This is where tennis bags come in handy. Not only can they carry all of your odds and ends, but they are also designed to be long enough to accommodate your racket. They can also be a tennis fashion statements within themselves. Wilson Tennis Bags, Babolat Bags, Head Bags and Prince Bags are a few of the bag brands available today. All are well made, stylish, and will consolidate all of your tennis gear!

Why are pockets a good thing on tennis bags?

Pocket protector

Another feature your tennis bag could never have too much of is pockets. This prevents rummaging through your bag searching for those small items like grip tape. Pockets also add a bit more security. Chances are (when playing) you'll probably keep your keys and wallet in the tennis bag. You also probably won't be paying too much attention to your bag during the match. For this reason a pocket inside your bag comes in handy to hide your valuables from any unwanted wandering hands. Nike & Jet tennis bags that are designed with a plethora of pockets."

What features do professional tennis bags possess?

Spare Space

If you are a more advanced player that plays in lots of tournaments chances are you experience broken racket strings more frequently. For this reason you might want to look into certain Wilson tennis bags or Head Tennis bags made for the pros. On top of space for regular tennis accessories and clothes some of these bags can hold up to 6 rackets in some cases. Also, some tennis racket bags are designed to not only hold multiple rackets, but also have sleeves to keep ‘em separate from each other. This will prevent and strings breaking even before you reach the court.

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