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What is the WTA and ATP?

ABC's of WTA

Male Tennis professionals are part of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) the female equivalent is known as the WTA. Both organizations are in charge of tabulating the player rankings. This is done by adding up the points a player accumulates over the tournament year. Points are earned from winning or getting to later rounds of a WTA and ATP sponsored tennis tournaments. Players earn the most points during grand slam tournaments.

What is a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament?

A Grand Tennis Tradition

The tennis tournament season starts up down under in January at the Australian Open. This event is also known as a Grand slam tournament. It is the 1st of 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments that occur throughout the year. The other three are Wimbledon, the French Open & the US Open. Winning a one of these tournaments is truly an amazing feat. Winning all 4 in one year (which is almost impossible) is known as a GRAND SLAM. Only a handful of players have accomplished this task.

How can tennis camps help your child do well in tennis tournaments?

Net skills at Camp

Tennis theme summer camps are probably one of the best ways to build your child's skills. Usually camps specializing in this sport provide private and group lessons everyday. They also offer kids experience in match play by hosting their own youth tennis tournaments. If your child shows exceptional skills in tennis you might want to send him/her to a year 'round tennis camp known as a tennis academy. Here your child will receive schooling in addition to tennis lessons and playing in junior tennis tournaments.

What are the pitfalls of watching Grand Slam tennis on tv?

Time to Watch

Grand Slam tennis tournaments attract the top tennis players. This makes watching these tourneys an event in itself. Though, trying to find out when these tennis tournaments are being broadcast could also prove to be an event. This is because Grand Slam Events are played outside the US (minus the US Open). So depending where you live, Paris and London time can be about 6 to 10 hours ahead. That means to watch these matches live you'd have to get up pretty early. The Australian open is even more difficult to view live. It's about a day ahead of the US. Though, if you can make it through your day without reading the sports section or watching a sports cast stations will sometimes rebroadcast matches at more convenient viewing times.

What is the USTA?

Your ticket to the Tourney

USTA stands for United States Tennis Association. If you are planning to play any sanctioned USTA tennis tournaments you need to be a member in order to compete. It doesn't matter if you are playing junior (youth) or senior tournaments, to be eligible for a ranking a USTA card is a must. Membership costs around $15 for juniors and about $35 for adults. Other than being able to play tennis tournaments a USTA membership offers other benefits like advanced ticket purchase opportunities for tournaments, plus travel discounts to Grand Slam Tournaments.

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