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How can you tell if a tennis shoe flexes the right way?

Flex Point

To find out if a tennis shoe flexes in the ball of the foot or in the shank, hold it firmly around the back of the heel with one hand, and push on the front of the toe portion with your other and. Now look to see where it flexes. It should bend across the ball of the foot. If it ends in half, put it down and keep looking.

What tennis shoe is good for people who drag their toes?

That Toe-Dragging Habit

A lot of players drag their toes when they hit their strokes, and especially during a serve. With a lot of hard court play, you can wear through the toe of your shoe in the course of a single match. A toe cap is an extra piece of rubber added to some shoes to increase the durability of the shoe. You can find this durable cap on New Balance tennis shoes.

What are good tennis shoes for serve and volley players?


For serve-and-volleyers, who tend to slide their back foot along the court as they serve, Wilson tennis shoes have a durable toe cap that is a must. Baseliners require a model that has both lasting cushioning and a durable sole.

Is it ok to wear low-cut tennis shoes?


While footwork patterns in basketball and tennis are similar, most tennis players still wear low-cut tennis shoes. Perhaps it's time to reconsider. Shoes with a higher cut offer tremendous support, especially if your feet are pronated or you have a history of ankle problems.

When is a good time to try on tennis shoes?

How to give your shoes an early break

At the store, always try on shoes in the afternoon or just after you've played; your feet will have swelled, thus giving you a better idea of what size you really need on the court. Also, wear the same socks that you play in. It also might be a good idea to look for a shoe you'd feel comfortable wearing off court like Prince tennis shoes.

Why shouldn't you wear running shoes to play tennis?

Running Shoes

Running shoes are the worst type of sneakers to wear on the court. They put your feet very high off the ground and offer almost no lateral support. Don't wear them. Always go for tennis shoes before going to the courts.

Why do you need orthotic inserts in tennis shoes?

Why wear orthotics

Why orthotic inserts in tennis shoes? If you have balance problems, or soreness in your joints or limbs, it may be a good idea to have a podiatrist perform a thorough check on your feet. Your podiatrist may suggest "orthotics", which can greatly aid in supporting your feet. They can be perfectly fitted for your tennis shoes; you'll feel the difference in a matter of a week or two. If you are looking for a wide shoe look at New Balance Tennis shoes. They tend to be offered in wider sizes.

What are hard court tennis shoes?


If you play on hard courts, you absolutely need tennis shoes specifically designed for play on this surface. Nike tennis shoes for example, provide cushioning for the heel and arch, while supporting the whole foot. You can even find them in Kids tennis shoe sizes. Also to prevent wearing out make sure you use a reliable shoe brand like Prince, Nike, New Balance, Converse or Tretorn tennis shoes.

What are the best socks to wear with tennis shoes?

Double Up on Those Socks

Do your feet get sore after playing tennis? Here's a simple but practical suggestion. If you don't have cushioned socks, wear two pairs of socks. They will absorb the sweat, and absorb the pounding on your feet, particularly if you play tennis on a hard court surface. Also try buying a tennis shoe with lots of cushion like Adidas tennis shoes.

What should you wear if you choose not to buy mid-cut tennis shoes?

Mid-Cut Shoes

If you choose not to play in mid-cut tennis shoes, at least try models that put your feet lower to the ground. Why? Because the higher your foot, the higher its center of gravity and the more easily it can roll over when you move laterally. Feet that are lower to the ground will hug curves like a Porsche, not a pachyderm.

How do you break new tennis shoes in?

Break In New Shoes

Wear new tennis shoes around and outside the house for a few days before you play in them. This will scuff the outer soles and help to break in the uppers.

Other than tennis shoes, how do you add even more cushioning?


Along with comfortable, durable tennis shoes, heavy cotton socks are your best bet for a great match. Also look for added cushioning at the toe and heel. Though, it also doesn't hurt to look good. So try the classic look of Converse Tennis shoes.

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