Tennis Frequently Asked Questions

How can youu make an opponent miss his or her serve?

How can you slow down the momentum of an opponent?

What is a kick serve?

What is the hand squeeze exercise?

What are good exercises that I can do for tennis elbow?

What is a chop?

How can you relieve the stress on your elbow?

What is a continental grip?

What sort of stretches can I do for my tennis elbow?

What is the best type of string to use for my racket?

How do I deal with losing?

What are biomechanics?

How can I eliminate tennis elbow?

Which surfaces are best for preventing tennis elbow?

What kind of stroke should you use?

What is a groundstroke?

What type of racket produces the least amount of elbow stress?

What is the "shake hands" grip?

What is the importance of the non-playing hand?

What is a drop shot?

What is a flat serve?

What is an ace?

What is an approach shot?

What does it mean to be at love?

What is an overhead smash?

What is an eastern grip?

What is a slice serve?

What is a serve?

How big is the playing surface?

How do you generate top spin

What makes a good tennis attitude?

What is a second serve?

What is a semicontinental grip?

What is a backhand?

How do you define competition?

What is the ATP?

What is a foot fault?

What is a drive?

What are the different types of footwork?

What is the baseline?

What is the center mark?

How do I avoid tennis elbow?

What is a lob?

What is short tennis?

What is a chip?

What does IMG stand for?

Why does my shoulder hurt?

How do I simply train my brain for tennis?

How do I avoid injury in my wrist?

How do I avoid pulled muscles?

What does it mean to serve and volley?

What does it mean to be an offensive player?

What is baseline tennis?

What is a big point?

What is the maximum number of sets in a match?

What is a bye?

When do you need to change ends?

How do you win a deuce?

What is a half-volley?

What is a follow through?

Why should you train and what should I do?

What is the backcourt?

What is a clay court?

What does it mean to swing double-handed?

What is a cross court shot?

What does it mean to spin the ball?

What doe sit mean to use a take-up?

What does it mean to play a match?

How do I know if my knee is injured?

How do I alleviate back pain?

What is a set?

What does it mean to break serve?

What is a breakback?

What is a centrepoint?

What is a baseline rally?

What is an all-rounder?

What is a defensive player?

What does it mean to palm the ball?

Where is the service line located?

What is sidespin?

What is a stop volley?

What is a knock out competition?

What are the alleys?

Wat is anticiaption?

What is a ball machine?

What is a closed face?

What is the ITF?

Why are grass courts so hard to find?

What is a forehand?

What is a deuce?

What does it mean to double-fault?

What kind of strings are right for me?

What is sports medicine?

What is sports psychology?

When should you get into the ready position?

Where is no manīs land on the court?

What is a longline stroke?

What does it mean to leave the racket face open?

What is a tie-break?

How do you stay with the ball?

What is a slice shot?

What does the term first flight refer to?

What does game point mean?

What is a hard court?

What is a hopper?

What does a line judge do?

Where is the hitting zone on the court?

What is a block?

What is shadowing?

What is motor learning?

What is the purpose of the net?

What is ball placement?

What is the taboo zone?

What is the forecourt?

When is there a tie-breaker?

What is a smash?

What is a place-up?

What is a return stroke?

What does it mean to be a "lucky loser?"

What does it mean to swing in a loop?

What does it mean to be sideways-on to the ball?

What is an exhibition match?

Where are the tramlines located on the court?

What does the "V" refer to in regards to grip?

What is a fault?

Where is the half court?

What is a mini-break?

What is an overhaead?

What is a point?

What does it mean when an umpire overrules a call?

What is a seeding?

What is a let?

What is a synthetic court?

What is a game?

What is a let?

When do you need to use a take back?

What are the sidelines?

What is a set point?

What does MTC stand for?

What does it mean when the umpire calls not up?

What is mini tennis?

What is a rally?

Who is the receiver?

Where is the T located on the court?

What does it mean to hit the ball down the line?

What is a split step?

What is the service sideline?

What is a serve?

What is a qualifying competition?

When do you receive penalty points?

What is a volley?

What is the umpires job?

What is a passing shot?

What is match point?

What does it mean to have touch?

What does it mean to run a ball down?

What is sports nutrition?

How do you generate underspin?

What is a twist serve?

What is a twist serve?

What is a western grip?

What is the WTC?

What is the second flight of the ball?

What part of the surface represents the left court?

What is a swing?

What is a swing?

What does it mean to be the server?

What does it mean to sign in at a tournament?

What does it mean to be a wildcard?

What is the WITA?

What is an unforced error?

What does it mean to warm-up?

What is a wide body racket?

What does USPTR stand for?

What does USRSA stand for?

What is the WTA?

What is the purpose of using the wrong-foot?

What does WCTI stand for?

What does USPTA stand for?

What are tennis court accessories?

What is a string dampener?

Why are sunglasses and important tennis accessory?

What are the advantages of a heavy tennis racket frame?

Why is sunscreen an important tennis accessory?

What are some cool and important tennis accessories?

What are the benefits of a junior tennis racket?

What is itf junior tennis?

What are options a junior player can use to gain experience before turning pro?

How do tennis resorts cater to kids interested in junior tennis?

What are some junior tennis competition options?

What should tennis apparel be light colored?

What type of material is most tennis apparel made out of?

Why should tennis apparel be loose fitting?

What is women's tennis apparel?

Why do you need warm-ups for tennis?

Why do players need to wear the same tennis team unforms?

Why do you need to wash tennis team uniforms?

Where can you find discount tennis apparel?

Why are tennis team jackets helpful?

What are new tennis apparel innovations?

Why do you need a tennis bag?

What features do professional tennis bags possess?

Why are pockets a good thing on tennis bags?

Where can you find used tennis bags?

What are some new tennis bag features?

What is proper tennis ball etiquette?

What are the differences between regular duty, extra duty and grass tennis balls?

Why would use high altitude tennis balls?

Why are there numbers on tennis balls?

What are pressureless tennis balls?

Where should you use regular and extra duty tennis balls?

Why are titanium tennis balls so good?

What are the pitfalls of buying discount tennis balls?

What type of clothes should you wear to a tennis club?

What makes the perfect tennis clothes for children?

What sun precautions should you take if you are playing in a tank top?

Why should you have more than one tennis outfit?

Where can you find discount tennis clothes?

What does the ball machine do?

What is the best way to maintain grass, clay and HARD-TRU tennis courts?

What do you need drag brooms and line sweepers for?

What is a regulation size tennis net?

What is tennis elbow?

How do you apply replacement tennis grips?

Are tennis grips made to feel different?

What are the different grip surface types?

What is an overgrip?

What is so great about using an overgrip?

What types of replacement tennis grips are available?

How tight should you grip a racquet?

How do you determine grip size?

What do you use your non-racquet hand for in tennis?

What type of grip do the pros use?

How often should you change your replacement grip?

How do you determine the proper tennis grip size?

Who should you talk with to determine your tennis grip size?

What is a Continental Tennis grip?

How do you determine your grip size on your own?

Who are two people credited with making tennis the popular sport it is today?

Who is Owen Davidson?

Who invented Tennis?

How has tennis gotten so fast paced?

Who led the Four Musketeers of tennis?

How does a "cue" word help in a tennis lesson?

What is mini-rallying?

Why do you need to work on your serve and return?

What's the secret to a solid topspin lob?

How does teaching tennis help you learn tennis?

How does Steven Covey's teaching theory help you learn tennis?

What trick can help you volley better?

Recent Tennis Questions

Q. I am recovering from a wrist injury I was told by my club pro that the racquet I was using was too lite so I went back to the racquet I used before my injury. It`s old, so I need to find a new one that is simular to my Hammer 6.2.
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Q. I am planning to restring and i dunno which string to choose from. I need one thats has power and that can last for a long time and not break. which string can u recommend me?
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Q. Hi -- Can you name some top players who were once ball kids? Thank you
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Q. Could you suggest a tennis racket which is easy on the arm. I have been told that a less stiffer racket is easier on your arm. I am not sure if this is true. However, I would be willing to try just about anything. I have problems from serving with aches and pains in my forearm, elbow, and shoulder if I play on consecutive days. Any tips or recommendations on rackets would be appreciated.

Thank you

John Kirkpatrick
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Q. I am buying a new racket to play with at college. What would an appropriate string tension be?
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Q. where can i get the book "the code" by Colonel Nic Powell? or any other book talking about the unspoken or unwritten rules of tennis?

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Q. What is the difference between net and let?
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Q. What does the term "on serve" mean? Thanks.
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Q. I`m trying to learn backhand using two hand but I cannot have my power. Would you please help me to resolve this problem. Thanks, Rizal
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Q. I am a young tennis player and my coach tells me to relax my arm with the forehand grip. I`d likeot study this for my science fair project. Are there any studies on this
Hannah age 11 years
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Q. How can I fix my wrist injury from tennis? It acts up everytime I play and my coach and trainer can`t seem to do anything for it.
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Q. Please advise what is the ruling on the court if the defender`s racket touches the net (in net rally) ?

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Q. As defense can you hit a ball on the opponent`s side of net in the air with your racket reaching over the net but not touching the net? Or does the ball have to be on your side of the net?
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Q. How do you interpret the code on making a prompt call? We have had match officials claim we are not calling the point quickly enough after the ball is dead when our players examine the mark (which is visible even on a hard court).
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