November 22, 2002, Newsletter Issue #49: Losing It On The Court-A Personal Story

Tip of the Week

Are you struggling with your weight loss program? Not able to stick with your diet program? Depressed and frustrated?

Let me introduce you to Joe Z., from Long Island, NY. A committed and serious recreational player (a humble 4.5, which is an advanced player of both singles and doubles), I met Joe some two years ago at the Disney Institute, where he was taking a two hour tennis program. Although a big hitter, Joe lacked court coverage, and more importantly, endurance, which is essential for a tennis player.

Fast forward 2+ years. Upon completing a lesson for a guest, Joe walked up and asked me to book a hit with him. As far as I knew, this was a first-time player. It wasn`t until he mentioned the Disney Institute that I realized it was Joe! He had completely changed! I mean completely!

Joe Z. began his weight loss quest some two years ago. He has lost, and kept off, in spite of passing kidney stones recently, 60 pounds in 4 months! You read it right!

How did he do it, and how does he continue to keep the weight off. Well, here`s his common-sense "method."

1. He began, and STUCK TO, Weight Watchers program, which uses a point system for the various food groups.

2. He looked in the mirror each day, week, and month to see the tangible results from his self-discipline!

3. He "weathered the storm" of the first two weeks of the program, the real test for anyone starting a new program.
Self-sabotage was defeated by self-discipline. How? I think for Joe it was a pain/pleasure issue. We`ll usually do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Joe decided it was more painful to be overweight, and not to be able to play the type of tennis he was capable of.

4. According to Joe, after the first two weeks, it was "a piece of cake." The habit was ingrained, and the results were not only physical. He no longer felt depressed, since he could now participate in tennis for longer periods, and not be fatigued.

5. For Joe, it wasn`t a diet. It was a lifestyle change. I think this is really important. Diets don`t work, but positively changing your lifestyle does! For Joe, every day is a great day now.

I asked Joe why he decided to do this. He said that if he didn`t make this change, he might not be around to see his family. The small sacrifice of cutting back on portions, cutting out high fat, highly processed foods in favor of healthy, fresh food choices was simply a philosophical mindset. As Joe said, "you get out what you put in."

For Joe, every day is a great day! He looks absolutely phenomenal, and you can see it in his movement on the court. He plays with skill, passion and fervor. As a result of his lifestyle change, he now sleeps better, is rarely sick, and has more energy throughout the day. Now that is one heck of a positive change!

For Joe, the combination of a smart intake of quality foods, along with tennis three times a week, is the best way to maintain a quality of life, free, hopefully, or as much as possible, from Doctor visits!

So, Joe "lost" it on the court, but not like McEnroe!

Congratulations Joe!

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